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All event organizers, regardless of Network membership, are asked to submit their events to the Planning Calendar so they may be used to assist in avoiding date conflicts.

The Planning Calendar is a compilation of professional, community and social events used to assist in avoiding date conflicts. Generally, the types of events included are luncheons, networking receptions, corporate events open to the public, festivals, galas, non-profit fundraisers, golf tournaments, running/walking events and more. Since the Planning Calendar isn’t a promotional tool, it does not include details such as ticket price, purchase information, etc.

Events will be designated by the Savannah Event Network as Primary Events or Secondary Events. For convenience when viewing the calendar, members have an option to view Primary Events or All Events. Primary Events are those with wide community awareness and large attendance, with other factors taken into consideration, such as the longevity and the nature of the event. Examples include Georgia Historical Society’s Trustees Gala, Tourism Leadership Council luncheons, the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon, etc. Secondary Events are those that have a smaller attendance or are directed to a specific audience. Examples include Harkleroad Diamonds & Fine Jewelry’s holiday open house, Office Services’ luncheon for interior designers, etc.

Events that are not included are private events, activities that are held in the normal course of business operations (tours, performances, support group meetings, etc.), sports team games, classes, exhibits, etc. Some exceptions apply, so please inquire if you are unsure, as our goal is to have all appropriate events listed on the Planning Calendar.

Consideration for inclusion is at the sole discretion of the Savannah Event Network.



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